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Alongside Nursing, Palliative and Day care, The Rhallt also offers Dementia care, helping residents to maintain as much independence as possible, while support from an on-site team leader is available for assistance where and when required.

Care at The Rhallt is focused on maintaining independence, dignity, and choice. Our friendly and approachable team organises a thriving activities programme, tailored to meet the needs of our residents and designed to provide entertainment along with relevant stimulation.

The Rhallt is conveniently situated within ideal travelling distance from Shrewsbury, Oswestry and Newtown. This specially-built bedroom facility includes luxurious ensuite, state of the art bathrooms for each and every resident. We provide the flexibility for residents to personalise their room with their own belongings to make their room truly feel like  their new home from home.

Mae ei holl wybodaeth a llenyddiaeth brintiedig ar gael yn Gymraeg









Nursing Care Rhyl

The Rhallt offer personalised high quality residential care for adults who can longer manage it at their own home. Residential care offers an excellent plan that can be structured to meet the unique and special requirements of our residents. Some of the activities include, but are not limited to; bathing, cooking, cleaning and medication taking.


Nursing care at The Rhallt is one of our most important and popular services. We offer 24 hour care and support from a registered, fully qualified nurse. Nursing care is a fantastic option for those who might have more complex and unique needs. Our brilliant nursing service provides you with a fantastic piece of mind feeling knowing your loved ones are in safe hands.


One of the many specialities at The Rhallt; we offer all encompassing dementia care; just like many of our other care homes. We provide personalised dementia care plans which are designed to enable our residents to lead a happy, dignified and independent lifestyle.

Residential Care Homes

Day visitor to The Rhallt are actively encouraged to see our premises as a 'home from home' where they can socialise and receive special catered support. All of our guests are received with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere ensuring they will not be in a hurry to leave anytime soon.


From time to time, we all require rest. Our respite care service helps carers to rest and recuperate, safe in the knowledge that their loved ones are receiving the highest levels of care and support available.

Family, Friends & Team Members: 01938 555504
New Enquiries: 01938 555504



As our residents will happily inform you; mealtime is one of the most important parts of any day. Luckily, our team of experienced chefs offer a vast variety of dishes which we are sure will tickle your taste buds. Although we feel like it might go without saying; all of our dishes and healthy, nutritional and extremely flavourful.


The health and wellbeing of residents at The Rhallt is of paramount importance. This is why our expert team plan out intrigue activity plans which are designed to help get our guests active whilst not comprising on fun and flexibility.

Memory Care

Our personalised dementia care at The Rhallt enables each of our residents to live an empowered, happy and independent lifestyle. Our dedicated, knowledgeable and highly trained team provide round the clock, person-centred care to ensure that residents are safely cared for, comfortable and stimulated in our home from home environment.

For people living with dementia and their loved ones, choosing to move into a care home setting can be an extremely difficult decision, filled with a range of mixed emotions and questions. However, we are here to support you along this potentially daunting journey; we understand how scary this transition period can seem for everyone involved. Because of this, we know how tackle the situation and reassure all parties involved.

We understand that dementia affects each of our residents very differently. As such, our care plans are designed for us to get to know the individual’s needs and deliver person-centred care and support.

Our care home has been expertly designed to include a blend of colours and cues to help those living with dementia easily navigate through the home with very little difficulty.

Dementia Care

Download our helpful guide that explains the rights of those living in a care home in Wales.


Situated on the outskirts of Welshpool, alongside the stunning Welsh countryside lies The Rhallt.

A subsidiary of The Rhallt is Rhallt House, a smaller residential home for up to 9 residents without a general nursing requirement.

Complete with its own secluded garden, Rhallt House boasts stunning views of the Welsh mountains to the front, and the calm, lazy canal to the rear.

If you were to find your way onto the A483, you will be well on your to visiting one of our most luxurious care homes.

The Rhallt
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