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Nursing Care from Lovett Care is primarily offered to individuals who may require more complex forms of care. Nursing care may also be appropriate for a person who is recovering from an injury or illness. Additionally, this service perfectly caters to individuals who have been diagnosed with a long-term condition that needs to be closely monitored.

Often, this type of care cannot be practically carried out at home. Instead, the individual’s care planning and health monitoring requires assessment and supervision from qualified, registered nurses in a fully monitored and controlled atmosphere.

Our nursing team are experienced in delivering specialised care to residents in our care homes. They are available 24 hours a day and work alongside our care team to deliver person-centred care that strives to preserve the dignity of our residents and, as always, keep them safe and happy. Further to this, our nursing care is formulated and delivered following an individual assessment of needs and requirements. Each resident at our care homes has an individual care plan which is closely monitored and adapted where necessary to meet changing needs.

Nursing Care

Nursing Care in Our Homes

When it comes to our Nursing Care services, residents and their families can expect:

  • Access to 24-hour nursing care from registered nurses
  • Clean, comfortable, welcoming accommodation
  • Regular assessments by a qualified nurse
  • Medication management
  • Physical assistance and support
  • Delicious, nutritious meals

At Lovett Care, we take a highly individual approach, focusing on offering a professional, yet personal service. Not only does this ensure the dignity of our residents is promoted at all times, it also takes into account their individual needs, wishes and beliefs.

In building our care plans, we consult with you to understand the steps we need to take to deliver care that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Learn More About Nursing Care

At Lovett Care, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality person-centred care services with dignity and respect at its core.

We understand that needs and preferences of individuals can vary widely, this is why our individualised plans are devised with input from you and appropriate medical professionals to ensure the care we deliver is safeeffective, and responsive to your needs.

Nursing care is one of our most popular types of care and it is only forecast to grow for the years to come.

As you may have guessed, all of our nurses involved in this high-quality delivery of care are fully registered and qualified.

If you would like to find out more about nursing care, please do get in touch. Our teams across each of our care homes would be happy to give you and your loved one a tour and discuss personalised care plans and activity programmes in more detail with you.


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