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Posted on: 28.10.2022

We Have Been Invited To Tea At The House of Lords

Lovett Care is proud to announce that Andrew Nash, our Group Hospitality and Catering Manager, has been invited to tea with Baroness Barker at 3:30pm on the 31st October 2022 at the House of Lords, in the Palace of Westminster. Andrew has been invited to attend on behalf of the National Association of Care Catering (NACC), for whom the Baroness Barker is a patron. 

While Andrew only joined the Lovett Group in February 2022, he has been a member of the NACC for over ten years. This invite has come as a result of the NACC’s launch of its nationwide Meals on Wheels Week, from the 31st October to the 4th November. 

The National Association of Care Catering

The National Association of Care Catering is an organisation dedicated to uniting, supporting and representing everyone working in and associated with catering for the care industry. 

For over twenty years, the NACC has campaigned to raise the standards of care catering. At the same time, they have also spent considerable efforts championing the impact of nutrition, hydration and mealtimes on the well-being of the elderly population and vulnerable in care settings, particularly in terms of their emotional and physical health.  

The NACC performs several key roles to achieve its goals. These key roles include facilitating the exchange of experience and expertise, promoting the continued development of professional standards among those involved in catering for the care sector, and pursuing research into matters relating to catering for the care sector. At the same time, the NACC also provides the opportunity for debate among individuals and groups of all kinds involved in catering for the care sector. They also issue guidelines, policy papers and authoritative statements on all aspects of catering for the care sector.

The entire Lovett Care Group is extremely proud to work with the NACC, and we are very happy that Andrew is representing us at this prestigious event. 

High-Quality Care Homes From Lovett Care 

The Lovett Care Group manages a range of care homes in Cheshire, the Wirral, Wales and throughout the rest of the United Kingdom. Our homes offer a wide variety of services and levels of care and support, from simple companionship and respite care in luxury care homes to complete dementia care

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What Are The Different Types of Care?

At Lovett Care, we provide a number of services in our eight care homes situated from the English Midlands


Lovett’s SLT has been nominated for the Care Employer Award

Lovett Care is extremely happy to announce that our Senior Leadership Team have been nominated for the Care Employer