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Posted on: 29.10.2021

Understanding Palliative Care From Lovett Care

We hear the phrase palliative care as we, or, our loved ones start to get older. But how much do we understand about palliative care? And is there anything you need to be aware of when people are using the phrase around you?

What Is Palliative Care?

The WHO refers to Palliative care as “Palliative care is an approach that improves the quality of life of patients who are facing problems associated with a life-threatening illness. It prevents and relieves suffering through the early identification, correct assessment and treatment of pain and other problems, whether physical, psychosocial or spiritual.”
Palliative care is the care that is given to an individual, of any age, after they have been diagnosed with a life-limiting condition. This care will be in place to ensure that they are living as comfortably as possible, and any symptoms are as minimal as possible.
At Lovett Care, this care will be provided by the combination of the trained care team, nursing team, and the residents own GP (whether this is provided by the home, or they have retained their existing GP).
For more information, please see our article What Is Palliative Care?

What Is Involved In Palliative Care?

Palliative care focuses on the treatment and easing of the symptoms of the condition, rather than the condition itself. This can include the medical treatment of certain side effects. Such as pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, constipation, nausea, loss of appetite and difficulty sleeping.
However, it can also mean the mental and emotional side effects that come with life-limiting conditions such as depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite and loss of interest. This can be in the form of talking therapies such as CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), or in a medicated form if necessary.
For more about what’s involved in palliative care, please view our article What’s Involved In Palliative Care?

Tailoring Palliative Care

When it comes to palliative care, no two individuals will ever be the same. While two individuals may have the same life-limiting condition the care that they require can be completely different.
It may be that the individual has other health care needs, from other ailments, or even their age and frailty. It could also be that they have taken the news better or worse than someone else may do. Meaning their mental care may be different.
At Lovett Care, we ensure that our whole team are involved in the care of the individual. This may not be all hands-on, as this would be too overpowering for the resident. However, we will be aware should the resident require more nursing care or mental health support, and the appropriate member of the team will be involved at the right times.
Tailoring our residents care is the key to ensuring they live a happy life. For more information on tailored Palliative care please visit our article Why is Palliative Care Important?

Is Palliative Care The Same As End Of Life Care?

Palliative care refers to the care that is given following the diagnosis of a life-limiting condition. This care will be to ease the symptoms and side effects that this diagnosis includes.
However, end of life care refers to the care that is given right at the end of an individuals life. Allowing them to pass with as little pain and disturbance as possible. While the two will often be discussed hand in hand, they will not run in conjunction. Palliative care will stop as soon as end of life care commences.For more information on getting your care tailored at Lovett Care, you can either contact the main Lovett Care team or contact the individual homes directly to speak with the home manager.

What Are The Different Types of Care?

At Lovett Care, we provide a number of services in our eight care homes situated from the English Midlands


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