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Posted on: 02.06.2021

Karen W (Niece of Resident)

My auntie has been at Bradshaw Manor for 18-months. I turned up unexpectedly and was welcomed to look around straight away. All the staff I chatted to were friendly and knowledgeable. My aunt settled very quickly which I wasn’t expecting as she doesn’t take kindly to changed and likes her independence.
The staff treat her with dignity and respect, and my aunt is so settled. I get regular updates via post and phone calls ( I live a three-hour drive away) and feel extremely lucky to have found such a caring bunch of people to look after my aunt. No matter who I speak to or what time I call, everyone is always so helpful and attentive. During Covid, I have been constantly updated with new measure and procedure that have been put in place, and after visit this weekend after a few months of only having phone calls with my aunt (she can’t cope with Zoom), I was over the moon how well she looked and how happy she was. I would highly recommend Bradshaw Manor to anyone.

R M (Son of Resident)

In recent dealings with the management of Charlotte House I can say that their help and cooperation during a


Esther B (Daughter of Resident)

I cannot speak highly enough of Bradshaw Manor Care Home. The staff are wonderful and showed my mum such