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Posted on: 06.09.2018

Staying Healthy at Our Care Homes in Stoke on Trent

We make the health of the residents at our care homes a priority. Having a programme of exercises and activities has many physical, mental and emotional benefits. We are all more health conscious today and we are being encouraged to take more exercise to help us all live well for longer. With Public Health England encouraging us to test our heart age, NHS Choices and charities like Age UK and The British Heart Foundation advocating exercising well into our later years. Lovett Care ensures that everyone who resides at Hilton house or Goldendale House is given the opportunity to take part in gentle and enjoyable activities to keep everyone as healthy and happy as possible.

Keeping Active at Our Care Homes

Whether it is expert fitness coaches bringing in their apparatus for games of skittles, or a programme of fun activities which encourage movement and stretching. To a walk in our gardens, or spending time weeding and tending to the raised beds, or simply having a good sing with friends, there are many health benefits:

Regular exercise not only keeps you fit but also increases flexibility, boosts your mood and safeguards your health. Everything from relieving depression, controlling weight (which contributes to diabetes), protecting against heart disease, lowering blood pressure, and maintaining strength and balance, can all be positively impacted with movement. For those who have age-related mobility issues, all our activities are inclusive and can be enjoyed while sitting on a seat or in a wheelchair.

Discover More About Life at Our Care Homes

Our friendly team of staff at Lovett Care aim to provide a high standard of care to the elderly and those with dementia. Find out more about residential care home life with us or follow our regular updates via the Hilton House Facebook page or Goldendale House Facebook page. For any enquiries about our activities and care provision, please contact us.

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