Posted on: 04.06.2019

Residential Care Homes in Stoke on Trent Raise Awareness

Residential dementia care homes in Stoke on Trent at Lovett Care take every opportunity to take part in events and key dates to raise awareness of dementia. We are familiar with the condition, it is a collection of symptoms which are closely related, rather than a specific illness. The risk of getting dementia increases as we get older and some signs include:

  • Memory loss – particularly short term, being able to recall situations and events from back in the past but having difficulty with forgetfulness relating to recent events, activities and conversations.
  • Confusion – people show signs of confusion, especially in new or unfamiliar environments.
  • Speech problems – finding the right words or not being able to express yourself.
  • Depression – as a result of dementia people may become depressed and show changes in their mood as a result of losing their confidence and ability to communicate effectively.

There are 850,000 people in the UK who are affected by dementia, and some are not just the elderly, 40,000 people in the UK under the age of 65 live with early onset dementia.

Lovett Care Homes Celebrate Dementia Action Week

Because we operate two residential dementia care homes in Stoke on Trent, whenever there is a charity or awareness day we like to take part with residents, staff, friends and family. During the recent Dementia Action Week on 20th-26th May 2019, we took part in Dementia Awareness Day on Friday 24th May. By wearing blue and holding a raffle, alongside our weekly coffee morning, we were able to raise money for charity, have fun and continue to foster the strong sense of community that we have here at  Hilton House care home. It is easy for those who have dementia to become isolated, but this was the perfect opportunity to bring everyone together.

Dementia Awareness Day at Lovett Care

The community spirit at our residential dementia care homes in Stoke on Trent are an important part of the care process. We understand that everyone has individual needs which is why each resident has their own care plan. The efforts made by our team for individuals with dementia combined with the collective care and ways we build a community amongst all associated with the care homes has led to us receiving a “Good” rating by the Care Quality Commission.

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