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Posted on: 18.08.2021

Re-energising With Twyford House

One of the worries that many families have when their loved ones move to a care home is that they won’t be getting as up and active as they would have done in their own home. As they are no longer cooking and cleaning themselves, it’s easy to see why many have this worry. However, here at Twyford House, our residents want you to know just how much of a myth this is, as they take part in their twice-weekly re-energise sessions!


Re-energising our residents is one of the key twice-weekly activities that we have here at Twyford House. The age-old statement of “use it or lose it” applies heavily to your muscles. This is why it is so important to get our residents involved in these activities, no matter their level of mobility, we can adapt it to suit their needs.
Many of our residents look forward to their re-energising sessions as they get to turn up the music and have a dance to some of their favourite songs.

Home Or Residential Care

Many of our residents who take part in at least one of the weekly re-energise sessions tell us that before they moved into Twyford House they seldom moved more than to undertake basic daily tasks like cooking and cleaning. And never imagined themselves dancing around a room with other residents as they do now.
We find that after a few months with us, many residents have great improvements in their mobility and the strength in their arms and legs. Much of this is thanks to our ongoing re-energise sessions.

Mental Revitalising

While it is certainly important to keep the body active, it is also increasingly important to keep the brain active as we start to get older. So not only have we been getting residents moving, we also get them using their brains in a number of brain training activities.
This week’s activities included a game of countdown. Which we can happily say didn’t end with any sore losers this week! And a game of ten-pin bowling! We aren’t saying that some of our residents cheated, but we are saying they got a little closer than they should have for a fair game!

Our residents well being is important to our team, which is why we have no much focus on their weekly activities. If you would like to discuss your loved one coming for a tour of Twyford House or to discuss how we can cater to their individual needs, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team today who will be happy to help you.

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