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Posted on: 27.05.2018

Quality Care at Our Residential Dementia Care Homes

It is our mission to provide the best quality care at our residential dementia care homes in Stoke on Trent. The Alzheimers Society is championing Dementia Action Week where we are all being encouraged to understand the condition and how it affects a person and those closest to them. Everyone can do their bit to learn more about this condition and how we can all play our part by being patient, asking questions, making time to listen, and checking on someone who is showing signs of confusion.

Understanding the Individual at Our Care Homes

Before someone with dementia joins us at Hilton House residential dementia care homes in Stoke on Trent. We take time with the individual concerned and their nearest and dearest to put into practice the points highlighted in the Dementia Action Week campaign. In understanding a person, what has a happened in their life, their hobbies and interests and any other medical and dietary requirements? A picture is drawn up of them so that a comprehensive approach to their dementia care can be implemented.

Creating a Community at Our Residential Dementia Care Homes

Expelling loneliness and creating a happy community at our residential dementia care homes in Stoke on Trent is a very important element in everyone’s care plans. Being in a safe environment with lots of enjoyable activities to take part in fosters a sense of togetherness. We make every effort for our residents to stay connected to the world outside of the care home by taking visits to gardens, the pantomime and by inviting a variety of performers to visit us.

This could be a local school choir or an entertainer to lead a singing session. Music is a great way to stimulate memories. To find out more about life at our residential dementia care homes in Stoke on Trent, please contact us today!

What Are The Different Types of Care?

At Lovett Care, we provide a number of services in our eight care homes situated from the English Midlands


We Have Been Invited To Tea At The House of Lords

Lovett Care is proud to announce that Andrew Nash, our Group Hospitality and Catering Manager, has been invited to