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Posted on: 19.07.2021

Play Us A Song And We’ll Sing Along

There’s nothing sweeter than the sounds of beautiful music! And our residents couldn’t agree more. That’s why we all got involved in a day of good old sing-alongs!

Hear Us Sing

Everyone loves a good sing-along. Whether you sing to yourself, sing with friends, or sing in the shower, we probably sing more than we realise. This week, the residents at Twyford House definitely knew they were singing, especially when we pulled out the instruments.
While karaoke would have been a great way to get everyone on track with the words, it takes out some of the fun too!
We realised that not all of us hear the same lyrics when we listen to each song, which made for some great combinations, and certainly some good laughs throughout the day. With a few of us sure that Elvis recorded a couple of different versions of his songs.
With the giggles aside, we got to hear some beautiful voices that were unexpected from the quieter residents. Who knew that we had a couple of residents who formerly sang in their local choirs.
We’re even considering heading on to Britains Got Talent! Simon Cowell, here we come!

For The Boys In Red

With England making their way all through the Euros and into the finals, we couldn’t let our patriarchy end! Not only the team, but the residents too, made the choice to add some good old football songs into the mix.
A chorus of Sweet Caroline went down wonderfully, especially as everyone got to shake their maracas.

Feel The Beat From The Tambourine

Singing is all good fun, but what about adding in those all-important instruments. We aren’t talking about big drums or electric guitars here. But the smaller versions are just as fun! With several maracas and a tambourine or two, we had ourselves quite the band. And most of us (except the staff) managed to keep in time too. Although, we’re sure some of the residents have been practising in anticipation!

If you have a loved one who would benefit from a respite stay, here at Twyford House, we would love to hear from you. Whether it’s a couple of days or a couple of weeks your loved ones will be provided with the very best care to suit their individual needs. Not to mention they can join in all our activities with our permanent residents.
Respite care is a great way to give yourself or your loved one a break. But also to see how they would settle if they were to need to permanently move into residential care.
For more information on the activities here at Twyford House, or to discuss respite or permanent care, please get in touch with our friendly team today who will be happy to help you.

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