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Posted on: 21.05.2021

Our Activities Have Hit The Headlines!

Our residents have been featured in the news this week for taking part in our latest activities campaign. The residents here at Twyford House, Alsager, have been enjoying activities that have been specifically designed by our activities team to improve happiness and wellbeing.  You can read our article here on Entirely Health.

Since we opened our doors to residents in August 2020 they have been taking part in a vast range of activities including walking clubs and animal therapy.

Childhood Laughter

One of the main activities that have been introduced at Twyford House is the intergenerational care initiatives that have seen us join forces with the staff and pupils from Townhouse Nurseries in Alsager. The interactions between pupils and residents (all virtual due to the current pandemic) has helped our residents to relive parts of their youth, from stories to activities. It has even helped the pupils with their literacy, language and social skills.
You may have seen our recent article on our beautiful resident Ro. One of the pupils at the school has named one of her new lambs after our dear Ro, thanks to the interactions that they have recently been having, and due to Ro’s love of lambs. They have even had a visit from baby Ro herself. Read the article: Twyford House Resident Has Lamb Named After Her!.
The intergenerational interaction has left both the school and Twyford House with laughter in their bellies and smiles on their faces.

Getting Active

Introducing gentle sporting activities has proved to be a massive success with many of our residents. The activities have been designed to ensure that no matter the level of mobility the resident has, they can all get involved.
We have seen a great improvement in the mobility of a number of our residents that have been taking part. With the gentle assistance of our activities team, and under the watchful eye of our care team, they have been able to exercise muscles that they hadn’t used in years, allowing them to do far more than they imagined.
Our resident Pearl has shown herself as being super sporty with her newfound skills with a hula-hoop and even a skipping rope.

The Pride Of The Home

The staff here at Twyford House are regularly documenting the improvements in not only the physical health but also the emotional health of the residents. They can see a marked improvement in many of the residents since they have started taking part in the activities. We will be continuing with a number of our successful activities, as well as bringing in regular new activities for our residents to enjoy.
We are looking forward to restrictions to ease so we can get the residents out and about and bring in more activities where we can.

Here at Twyford House, our residents and their care come first. This includes their mental and emotional care, which our activities are designed to improve. If you have any questions about our activities, or indeed if you have any suggestions, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team today who would love to hear from you. If you have care-related questions you can also take a look at our knowledge hub where there is a range of information already available.

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