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Posted on: 02.09.2021

Oddfellows friendship Month 2021


This September is the Oddfellows Friendship Month. This awareness month started over 200 years ago as a way of bringing people together to form friendships and bonds to battle loneliness. In 2021, we believe that this is even more important than ever. Across our care homes, we help to battle loneliness in every single one of our residents.

Creating Friendships

At the Lovett Care range of facilities, we have a lot of emphasis on forming friendships within our homes. This helps both new and existing residents to form friendships with others who share similar interests or life experiences.
We are seeing more often that residents who come to us have begun to feel lonely in their own homes. Despite having family visiting, they do not see friends as often, or for some at all. When they move into residential care, it can often become a little overwhelming for them, which means that we have to ease them in gently. We often recommend that new residents join in with activities that catch their attention as they are a great way to break the ice with new people in a fun and interactive setting. Our team will also get to know any new residents and help point them towards others that they may have things in common.


Oddfellows are a society that was formed over 200 years ago as a way to bring people together. To date, they still hold regular events and meetings to help combat loneliness nationwide. They have members of all ages, not just the elderly before they enter a residential setting.

Celebrating Friendship Month

To help boost the friendships within our homes, this September, we will be holding regular afternoon tea’s, quizzes and storytimes to help re-energise the relationships within our homes. With the hope that we can form new bonds throughout.

Loneliness has unfortunately been a bigger issue throughout the pandemic, and across the country, more and more people are battling with their mental health due to loneliness. For more information on how the pandemic has affected our residents, please visit our blog “How Has The Pandemic Affected Residents?”.

If you are interested in learning more about how our care homes help to combat loneliness, please get in contact with the Lovett Care team today or head over to our care homes page to contact the relevant home for you.

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