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Posted on: 06.09.2021

National Read A Book Day 2021

Monday 6th September 2021 is National Read A Book Day! Here at Lovett Care, we encourage our residents to get involved with reading as much as we possibly can! That’s why we love to get involved in National Read A Book Day.

What Is National Read A Book Day?

The history of National Read A Book Day isn’t entirely clear. When or where it originated cant be confirmed. However, we do know why it was started. Many book lovers say that they cannot find the time to sit down and read without a number of potential distractions getting in the way. Thus this day was created to offer those of us who love to read, a day to sit back and dive into a good book. It is also a great day to encourage those who don’t usually read, to pick up a book and give it a try.

The Benefits Of Reading

While many people simply read because they enjoy reading, when it comes to those living in residential care, the benefits of reading increase.
Firstly, reading helps you to engage your brain more than many other activities. This means that those who are starting to struggle with memory can help to improve it with regular reading.
Cognitive functionality declines with age. However, reading can help to reduce this decline and help our residents feel more mentally stable. Along with this stability comes the reduction in depression and anxiety that is related to regular reading.
Reading in the evening, as opposed to watching TV can help increase your readiness for sleep. The reduction in blue light from the screen allows your brain to prepare for sleep better, thus falling into a deeper sleep sooner.

Reading At Lovett Care

Reading is a hobby loved by many. And we believe that each of our residents should continue to do what they love, even when they move into residential care. Here at Lovett Care, we encourage our residents to read whenever possible, whether this is from books that their own families bring in, books shared between residents, or books that we can source for them. Along with a collection of books that we have donated to us.
Sharing books within the homes helps to open residents up to conversations about their books and what they have taken from each story. It can help our residents to form new bonds and common interests.

If you are interested in how the Lovett Care homes encourage their residents to read within the home, please head over to our care homes page where you can contact each home directly. If you have any further questions, please head over to our knowledge hub where we have a range of questions answered ready for you to browse.

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