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Posted on: 04.06.2021

Who Does Respite Care Help?

There are many reasons as to why we put our loved ones into respite care, from offering them a chance to get the feel for life in a care or nursing home to giving the family a break from care duties, or even if a carer falls ill. But who does respite care help?

The Family

When a member of our family begins to show their vulnerable side, we start to spend an increased amount of time caring for them or worrying about them. This can take its toll on us, not only physically, but also mentally.
If you, as a family member, are the primary carer, you may find that it can greatly impact upon your own personal life. Some may have left work, or you may be juggling work alongside caring, and possibly even a young family. Over time, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed, and even resenting your loved one. This is why respite care can offer you a welcomed break. It can allow you to know that your loved one is in a place of safety, where all of their needs will be met in a welcoming and friendly environment. Meaning you too can have a break, or even take your family on holiday. You should never feel guilty for using respite care to take a break for yourself.