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Posted on: 20.05.2020

When can friends and family visit?

Friends and family can visit you at any time across each of our care homes. We do however politely ask family and friends not to visit during meal times so that we can offer those times protected for our residents. If you are in any doubt of when best to visit, please call the home before visiting.

Can friends and relatives dine with me?

Should you wish to dine with your friend or loved one please ask us in advance. We would be delighted to arrange that for you in our private dining area. This can certainly be arranged for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or cultural and religious celebrations.

What happens if I do not wish to have any visitors?

Occasionally residents don’t want to have visitors and that’s completely fine. It is entirely up to you when and if you wish to see visitors. If there is anyone that you don’t wish to see, please let a senior member of staff know so that we can respect your wishes.