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Posted on: 17.01.2022

What It’s Like Living In A Care Home

While you may have been to visit your loved ones in a care home, or you may have even arranged for your loved ones to move into a care facility. But you may not know what it is like for them on a daily basis once they are in one of our homes.

Good Morning

Mornings in one of our care homes can vary for every resident, based on their own preferences. For those that are mobile on their own, they can either have a wake up call, or make their own way to one of the lounges or dining rooms for their morning tea and a spot of breakfast. For those that need a little support, our loving team will make the rounds, helping residents to get ready and down to the lounge to join other residents for breakfast.
Some residents may opt to stay in their room for the morning and have their tea brought to them.

Morning Activities

After breakfast, there is typically the opportunity to join in with a morning activity. These activities vary by home, day of the week, and even the abilities of the residents. Some days there will be more energetic activities, while others will be calmer, more relaxing activities.
Not every day will be the same, and not every day will have an activity in the morning, allowing for residents to spend the time as they please.

Time For Lunch

As many of our residents are early risers, by the time midday rolls around, many are ready for a spot of lunch. Each of our homes has a different process for lunch, with some offering times for residents to decide when they are ready, others will let residents make their way to the dining room when they would like to eat and others having a specific time for lunch. Usually this depends on the care home, and the area of care, such as those who cater for those living with dementia will have a set time to allow for routines to be kept.
Lunch is usually kept light, with residents having a choice of some of their favourite light bites.

Afternoon Activities

As with the morning, the afternoon’s activities can vary greatly. With some homes having high energy activities later in the afternoon (allowing for lunch to settle) others will using this as time to watch the latest on TV.
Some residents use this time to head off to their own room for some time alone, with many opting for a nap.

Your Evening Meal

As with lunch, each home has a varied way of arranging evening meals. A number of our homes have their own personal dining rooms, allowing for residents to experience the feeling of going out for their evening meal.
While others have more of an informal arrangement for your evening meal.
With so many variations across our homes, if you are interested in learning more about meal times, we highly recommend getting in touch with your local home for more information.

Your Own Space

While you may be sharing your home with a number of other residents, it is important to know that you will always have your own space within the home. This will be your bedroom, your personal space, a space to create as your own.
Space permitting, in your room you can add touches of furniture, some pictures and memories of times gone by. It will also be the place where you relax when you don’t want to be disturbed. So bringing personal hobbies with you has a place too.
When it comes to wanting some time alone, or time to yourself, it’s always possible to head off to your room for some peace and serenity.

Every Day Is Different

In Lovett Care homes, every day is different. The above is a basic outline of a quiet day in one of our homes. But this will greatly vary depending on the home, the individual’s needs and abilities and even the weather.
Homes such as Twyford House, Alsager, have access to a cinema room, while Charlotte House, Bebbington have their own salon, meaning that residents can spend their time however they please with what’s on offer in each home. Get in touch today for more information on your local home.