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Posted on: 10.03.2021

What is the food like at Lovett Care homes?

We think that eating well forms part and parcel of living well. Not only is nutrition important for the body, it also plays a big part in forging social relationships and building communities. We also know that everyone is different in the foods they enjoy and the routines they like to keep.

To meet all of these needs, the Catering teams across all of our care homes make offering balanced, nutritious meals and snacks a priority. We use only the freshest ingredients, sourced locally where possible, to create the dishes we serve and we always go the extra mile to ensure that specific dietary requirements and preferences are met.

Menus & Special Occasions

Every resident is offered a hearty, filling breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and delicious evening meal. Each of our menus is changed weekly, to ensure a wide variety of choice,and special dietary requirements are always taken into account and prioritised on an individual basis. Residents are always given a choice of what meals they eat, to fall in line with our high-quality person-centred care and full flexibility is given to allow residents to eat when they like in line with their own routines.

As we mentioned above, we think dining together is an important community activity. With this in mind, we encourage residents to enjoy their meals in our dining rooms. That being said, we understand that this may not always be preferable. If this is the case, meals can be served in residents own rooms providing it is safe for them to do so.

As well as our normal menus of mouth-watering meals, we also regularly host themed evenings with matching menus. This can range from fish supper evenings to Mexican themed dinners depending on the theme. We also love to make a fuss on residents’ birthdays, with a specially made birthday cake as standard and a hearty rendition of Happy Birthday!

Special Dietary Requirements

Our Catering team regularly undertake additional training to ensure we can continue to meet the needs of residents, including those with special requirements.

For residents with smaller appetites, we provide enriched foods which provide the right amount of calories in smaller portion sizes.

For residents who require texture modification of their food, our Catering team are fully trained in preparing tasty and nutritious food in all 3 stages of texture modification without compromising on flavour.

Find Out More About Dining With Lovett Care

To find out more about dining at our care homes, please contact the individual home you are interested in and speak to our team. We take great pride in delivering the highest standards of care and taking all steps to ensure residents enjoy delicious meals every day.