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Posted on: 17.05.2020

What Is Person Centred Care?

Person-Centred Care is a phrase you will often hear used by health and care professionals across the country. This approach to caring revolves around formulating an approach to a person’s care which gives them as much choice and control over their lives as possible. Person-centred care is very much about empowering individuals to be actively involved in how their care looks and what matters to them.

In person-centred care, professionals work in collaboration with the individual receiving the care. The idea of this approach is to give people the support they need to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to manage their own health and health care and make informed decisions about it. Through this, any care plan is tailored to the needs of the individual concerned, rather than a ‘one-size fits all’ approach. At its heart a person centred approach goes to great lengths to ensure a person is always treated with dignity,compassion and respect.

What Are The Four Principles Of Person-Centred Care?

The four principles of person-centred care, as defined by the Health Foundation are:

  1. Affording people dignity, compassion and respect. 
  2. Offering coordinated care, support or treatment. 
  3. Offering personalised care, support or treatment. 
  4. Supporting people to recognise and develop their own strength and abilities to enable them to live an independent and fulfilling life. 

Any and all care provision should be provided with these principles in mind.

Why Is Person-Centred Care So Important?

Person-centred care is so important because it provides a solid foundation for care provision which ensures dignity, compassion and respect. Person-centred care also does much more than just treat individuals as a set of symptoms, or a health condition. Instead, it takes into account their wider emotional, social and practical needs in order to provide a well-rounded care plan with the flexibility to evolve with the individual.

Person-centred care is also proven to improve clinical outcomes across the board, especially when individuals are empowered and supported to make decisions about their own care plan and treatment in collaboration with health and care professionals.

Person-Centred Care From Lovett Care

Across our care homes, the Lovett Care team apply the four principles of person-centred care in the creation and implementation of our residents’ care plans. Whether an individual comes to stay with us on a long-term or respite basis, we go to great lengths to create a care plan that takes into account what matters to an individual, what level of support they need, what their goals are and what is important to them. This is formulated through conversations with both the individual and their loved ones to get a better picture of what they need and how we can go about delivering.

To find out more about our care homes and to experience the high level of person-centred care we provide, contact us to book an experience day or speak to a member of our friendly team.