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Posted on: 21.07.2021

What Is A Magic Table?

Across the Lovett Care selection of homes, you may have seen us mention our Magic Tables. You might be wondering what they are and what makes them so magical? Let us tell you about this wonderful invention, and how they have changed the lives of many of our residents.

The Magic Table

Magic tables are an interactive touch screen surface that can be used as a large tablet. They are designed to be the most robust tablet on the market, and the size of a small table for increased visibility and ease of use.
These tables are completely portable and height-adjustable, allowing them to be accessed by all the residents at our homes.

Interactive Activities

The magic tables arrived to us preloaded with 50 apps to help get our residents using their brains. We have also been able to add on our own apps to truly create the perfect tool for our residents to improve their brain power.
Included on the table are sensory activities such as bubbles and water, where they can interact with the flow. Then you have more brain involved training games, such as word searches, spot the different and matching games. Followed by a collection of games such as tennis, pool and bubble popper.
There is also a selection of apps that mimic everyday activities such as cleaning the oven and shaving. Finally, we have a selection of board games and card games that can be played either with multiple residents or solo residents.

Useful Functions

Over lockdown, where family visits have been restricted, these wonderful interactive tables became the greeted form of communication between our residents and their loved ones. With video calling functions, our residents were able to have face to face conversations, even though they were unable to be together.
There is also the ability to live stream religious services for when it is not possible to get the residents out to their local place of worship.

Interactive Viewing

Not all of our residents enjoy the same shows on TV or even the same films. Sometimes our residents want to enjoy a film by themselves. With the Magic table, this is now possible.

Since we have introduced the Magic Tables to our care homes we have noticed a significant improvement in many of our residents. They are interacting with the app on the tablet, using their brainpower. Not to mention some of the actions on the games have got them using their motor functions more and more. A little every day goes a long way after all. We look forward to seeing more progress as time goes on.

For more information on how we are using the magic tables, please get in touch with our team today who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.