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Posted on: 30.03.2020

How is Respite Care Paid For?

Respite Care can be paid for in 3 different ways:

  • By the council
  • By a charity
  • By yourself/the person you care for.

As mentioned above, councils will assign a budget for respite care following a needs assessment and a carer’s assessment. Following this assessment, a financial assessment will also be carried out to determine whether or not the council will pay for all or part of the respite care it recommends.

What Are The Different Types Of Respite Care?

There are different types of respite care available, including:

Day Care

Day Care often takes place at a day care centre, care home or care centre. Day Care not only provides respite for carers during the day, when they may be at work, it also offers individuals the chance to enjoy a change of scenery and take part in engaging activities with new people.

Domiciliary (Home) Care

Respite care can also be arranged through appointing a paid carer to help out in the home. This is known as domiciliary care, or home care. Home care can be flexible, from just a few hours a week to 24-hour supervision if necessary.

Temporary Residential Care

Some care homes offer respite care for those who need a short break. Whether you are a carer planning a holiday or you are a person who requires a little more support following an illness or a hospital stay, many care homes offer full access to all of their facilities for anywhere ranging from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Help From Friends & Family

If you have a supportive network of friends and family who you can trust, you may pass on the care of a loved one to someone else while you have a break. Some charities also offer ‘sitting services’ from volunteers who will come and sit with a person and keep them company.

Get Support With Respite Care

If you are considering respite care for a loved one, please contact us. At Lovett Care, we have three care homes located across Staffordshire and Cheshire, all of which offer high-quality respite care. No matter your reasons for requesting respite care, speak to our teams at Hilton House, Charlotte House, Regency Care Centre, or Twyford House for more information around how we can support you in arranging this for either yourself or a loved one.