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Posted on: 02.01.2020

Exercise, Social Interaction and Dementia

Regular exercise and social interaction are essential to everyone’s health and well being at any age. For those who are older and living with dementia, it is an essential part of managing the symptoms of the condition.

Taking part in activities which use coordination, stretching and moving are all good for maintaining balance. Falls can be common amongst those who are elderly, frail and living with dementia. So, retaining a good level of fitness and sense of balance can help to prevent injuries from falling.

For those with dementia, they may find it difficult to communicate and get confused easily. The result of this means that they can become socially isolated. The vicious circle of this situation is that their condition will deteriorate quicker if an individual doesn’t feel part of the world around them. Research presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference has shown that even as little as ten minutes of interaction a day helps improve wellbeing for people with dementia in care homes.