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Posted on: 20.12.2021

It’s Getting Festive At Hilton House

Here at Hilton House, this December has been jam-packed with festivities already. And we haven’t even gotten to Christmas week yet!

Jingle Bells!

The decorations are up in spectacular style! With a number of trees up around the home, our elves needed a helping hand or two. Luckily, we had a number of residents ready to get involved. From wrapping themselves in tinsel, to hanging up the odd bauble or two, they have had a great time!
We have used all the colours of Christmas around the home, from a touch of gold tinsel to red, green and gold baubles on the trees. Not to mention some striking blue lights, and even the odd Santa on the wall.
While we could have opted for a themed Christmas, each and every resident has different memories of Christmas in their own home, so in order to ensure that everyone feels at home, we like to mix it up a bit and let everyone add their own finishing touches.

Christmas Crafts

Speaking of finishing touches for decorating, we also got our residents involved in making their very own decorations for the home with a spot of crafting!
Crafting is one of the favourite activities of a number of our residents, but the festive theme saw more and more people getting involved and joining in with the holiday spirit!
We got the residents hands-on with some incredible salt dough creations! From making their own salt doubt, baking and then painting, they got to create their own pieces. And what can we say! We saw some great creations! Little Christmas stockings, Christmas trees and even tasty looking gingerbread men!

Preparing For Christmas Day

Here at Hilton House, we hope that we can give each and every one of our residents the best possible Christmas day we can. That’s why we have been preparing behind closed doors.
From getting all the Christmas day activities ready, arranging presents for residents, treats for their families, and even making plans for Christmas Dinner!

If you have any questions about our plans for Christmas day or want to arrange to visit your loved ones, please get in touch with the team today who will be happy to assist you.

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