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Posted on: 20.07.2021

Indoor Picnics Make Us Happy!

The sun is shining, and everyone wants to flood outside for a good old picnic! But the sun this week has been just too hot! So to take care of the residents’ skin, we moved our picnic indoors! After all, it’s the food that counts, right?

Picnic Time!

When we talk about a picnic, what do you think of first? Some little ham sandwiches? Some pork pies and cocktail sausages. Or how about some vegetable samosas and bite-size poppadoms? You bet we had it all! And for those who have a sweet tooth, as many of our residents surely do, we had a whole selection of cakes and biscuits too. Due to the hot weather, we tried to avoid chocolate so it wasn’t quite so messy. It happens that some may have appeared and we had some very chocolatey fingers on the go!
Many of our residents have always been in charge of getting the food ready when they have had family picnics. So we made sure they had as much input as possible to give them the best day!
Some of our residents, even in 27-degree heat, couldn’t say no to a nice cup of tea. Its a good job we had the kettle nearby! While others enjoyed a little tipple with their sandwiches! And for many, that just made the picnic perfect.

Suited To Our Residents

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to what they want to see on their picnics. Not to mention those of our residents who have allergies or dietary restrictions. To ensure that each of our residents could enjoy their picnic their way, we built them into individual picnic boxes, complete with their names on them.
We even had a few of the grandkids teasing that it’s what they get when they go on a school trip and asking what toy they got! We definitely missed a trick there, so we’ve made a note for next time!

Bringing Residents Together

Here at Charlotte House, we hold daily activities to keep our residents active. It also helps as an aid to bring our residents together. Whether you are new to the home or have been here a while, sometimes it’s nice to get together and mix with other residents who have similar interests. Some of our activities appeal to one audience, while others will appeal to another. However, the one we have found that brings everyone together is a good old picnic. After all, who can say no to sandwiches and cakes? We’re hoping we have formed some new friendships and a revitalised love of picnics along the way!

If you or a loved one is interested in coming for a tour of Charlotte House, please get in touch with a member of our team today who will be happy to discuss this with you. If you have any questions regarding moving into one of our homes, please head over to the Lovett Care Knowledge hub where there are answers to an array of FAQs.

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