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Posted on: 25.08.2021

How Has The Pandemic Affected Residents

Here at Lovett Care, we have done our best over the last 18 months to ensure that the residents have felt a minimal impact. However, sadly, the p[andemic has had a stressful impression on everyone. So here is how our residents have been affected.

Family Visits

For the majority of the pandemic, residents have been unable to get close to their relatives and loved ones. While there has been a distance rule in place, we have endeavoured to ensure that they can still keep in contact as much as possible. This has been eased with the introduction of video calling in each of our homes. It isn’t as personal as meeting face to face, but it means that our residents can see their loved ones in real-time and have family catch-ups and conversations as much as possible.
As certain restrictions had periods of ease, we were able to introduce garden visits. This meant that our residents still had to keep their distance, however, they could see their loved ones in person right here in our gardens. We saw how difficult it was for our residents to see their loved ones, but not be able to embrace them.
Slowly but surely, this too has eased, and our residents are able to embrace their loved ones once again.

How Has This Affected Residents?

While residents have been able to see their loved ones in some capacity, being unable to have physical contact has taken its toll.
While our residents have been surrounded by other residents throughout the pandemic, they have felt somewhat isolated due to the lack of contact externally. Many residents have expressed that they have felt lonely, despite never being alone.
We are glad to say, that now we can have contact in our homes, many residents have bounced right back to how they were, pre-pandemic. With some even happier as they now know what they miss.
For those who we are noticing still withdrawn, we are working closely with the resident, and their families to ensure that we are doing everything we can to overcome the feeling.

Locked In The Home

Within the Lovett Care collection of homes, we aim to get our residents out and about in the community and on day trips including to the beach. Unfortunately, some of our residents have been experiencing a case of locked-in fever. Not only do many get out with the team, but they also get out and about with their families. This had all been put on hold for over a year until it has been deemed safe to continue.
Sadly this has increased the feeling of loneliness in many of our residents. Across the UK there has also been an increase in the number of cases of Depression in residents in care homes. We have not been spared from these figures.
We are thankful that the easing of restrictions means that many of our residents are beginning to feel like themselves once again. However, for others, we are working closely with them to help them feel better.
Some of our residents have been under the careful eye of clinicians to ensure that we are taking the best course of action to ensure completely that their wellbeing is looked after.

If you have any concerns over the impact of the pandemic on our residents, please speak to a member of the Lovett Care team today. Or you can get in touch with each of our care homes to speak to a specific home directly.

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