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Posted on: 29.07.2021

Home From Home Twyford House

Here at Lovett Care, we know how important it is to give your loved one a space that they can truly call their own. Bringing personal items into the home is a great way to help them feel right at home. At Twyford House, we have a number of great features that they can enjoy to help them feel right at home.


The easiest way to turn your loved one’s room into a space that they call him is to bring in a collection of momentos. From photos of friends and family are a great way for them to see the faces they love every day, along with showing them off to other residents!
Bringing in trinkets from their own homes, past holidays or even something from their family can help to give their room a touch of home.

Tastes Of Home

Your loved ones will be used to helping themselves to a range of treats while they are in their own home. So when they move into a residential home, they might be missing out on those little tastes of home. To help them adjust, you can bring in treats and goodies that they would usually enjoy. We often have families delivering boxes of love on a weekly basis. Sometimes this is a box of biscuits, a collection of cakes, or even some cheeky sweets!
Please remember, if your loved one is on a particular diet for health reasons, as much as we love them to enjoy foods they love, please bear this in mind. It may be that they are brought in in moderation, or that you find an alternative that suits the diet.

Homely Activities

Many residents have a range of hobbies that they enjoyed in their own homes. Bringing these into their new home can help them to relax a little more. For some this could be a word search or sudoku book, for others, this may be a good book or two.
We even have some lovely residents who love nothing more than to spend time with their knitting needles! So make sure they have plenty of wool to hand. You might even get a new jumper out of it!
We have an increasing number of residents who are requesting music in their rooms, so why not consider bringing in a portable music player?

Group Activities

Here at Twyford House, we have daily activities that help your loved ones to feel right at home. From a touch of sport to get them up and moving, and even interacting with other residents, to quiz time where they can challenge other residents to a “know it all” crown!

Added Extras At Twyford House

Here at Twyford House, we have a number of added extracurricular activities for your loved one to get stuck into. They can book themselves into the Serenity Beauty Clinic for a treatment or two, If that’s not up their street, maybe a trip into the Gin Lounge to have an afternoon tipple could be along the right track.
For more crafty residents we have a dedicated craft room. We even have a few artists amongst us, so we might watch a budding friendship form over the paints!
Finally, they can sit back and relax in the cinema room and enjoy a selection of older films, cult classics, or even the latest blockbusters depending on what takes their fancy!

If you are interested in learning more about your loved one moving into residential care at Twyford House, or you have any questions on how you can help them settle into their new home, please get in touch with our friendly team today who will be happy to help. You can also head over to the Lovett Care Knowledge Hub where we have answers to a range of frequently asked questions.

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