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Posted on: 07.12.2018

Elf Day at Hilton House

Staff at Hilton House care home in Stoke on Trent celebrated Elf Day by dressing in elf costumes as part of the festive fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Society. So, what is Elf Day?

Elf Day is a fun way to raise awareness of, and funds for Alzheimer’s Society. Here at Lovett Care we are only too aware of the challenges that face those with dementia and their loved ones. Someone in the UK is diagnosed with the disease every 3 minutes. It is the biggest cause of death in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and according to the Alzheimer’s Society it is the biggest health challenge we must tackle.

Elf Day Fun at Our Care Homes in Stoke on Trent

The staff at our care homes in Stoke on Trent were only too happy to unleash their inner elf to raise funds to provide research into a condition which currently has no cure. As you can see from the photographs, we had a lot of fun and laughter and the day spread a lot of cheer. It got us all into the Christmas spirit too!

Find out more about our residential dementia care in Stoke on Trent. Lovett Care has high quality care homes in Hilton House. Please contact us with any specific queries you may have about our care provision.

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