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Posted on: 19.06.2018

Residential Dementia Care Bridges the Age Gap

Lovett Care’s methods of residential dementia care encourage interaction between young and elderly generations. We achieve this by having close links with the local primary school. The children visit us to perform carols and songs at Christmas and they also joined us for Easter activities too. Both age groups can gain a lot from such encounters and our residents always look forward to seeing the pupils from the nearby Oakhill Primary School.

Young Visitors Help Residents Needing Residential Dementia Care

For those living in residential care homes, it is important to maintain connections with the world outside so that residents don’t feel ostracised and isolated. Creating opportunities for the two generations to meet and spend time together is important for the development of the children. Who get to broaden their horizons, develop social skills and confidence at meeting and interacting socially with members of the community outside their usual peer and family group.

Someone with dementia may have problems with short term memory and perception. Communicating can be difficult and they can become reserved with staff and other residents. Being around children can stimulate older memories, perhaps of their own childhood, and happy times with their own family. We often find that a visit from the school children lifts residents’ spirits and both young and old quickly find common ground and enjoy each other’s company. This interaction opens communication with care home inhabitants.

Positive intergenerational experiences are just part of Lovett Care’s residential dementia care.

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We understand that dementia is a complex condition and those who have it also have other illnesses and health problems associated with old age. We take time to understand as much as possible about a person before they join us at either Hilton House or Goldendale House. Please contact us to find out more.

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At Lovett Care, we provide a number of services in our eight care homes situated from the English Midlands


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