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Posted on: 18.01.2018

Creating a Community Within Our Care Homes

Hilton House Care Home in Stoke on Trent have a great sense of community. Nurturing a sense of belonging and involvement with the other residents and staff creates a bond. This is beneficial to the individual and collective health and well being of those in our care. Social isolation amongst the elderly is an issue within modern society, which has recently been highlighted by The Jo Cox Commission and the Government has just announced its strategy to tackle loneliness. Our own care home environment and procedures are set up to stop anyone feeling lonely or isolated.

Activities to Tackle Loneliness at Our Care Home in Stoke on Trent

Within our care home in Stoke on Trent we have communal areas and encourage all the residents to socialise. To stimulate interaction there are plenty of comfortable seats arranged to enable conversations. Residents can access various board games and cards and we have developed a programme of activities to stimulate interaction. The act of participating in something together, like a creative activity, is a positive experience which leads to a sense of achievement and boosts confidence. We regularly have entertainers who encourage a sing along to tunes from yesteryear, great for fostering community spirit! The children from the local primary school also visit each Christmas to sing carols, bringing festive cheer and a connection to the wider community beyond the care home. Charity coffee mornings, cake making, birthdays and other key events in the year are all part of creating a sense of community.


Find Out More About Our Care Home in Stoke on Trent

You can keep up to date with activities at Hilton House by following the latest posts about each care home in Stoke on Trent on their Facebook page. If you would like to know more about any of the activity programmes offered by Lovett Care, please contact us.

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