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Posted on: 06.08.2021

Combating Stress In Our Care Homes

Stress in care facilities is seldom considered. Many people are under the belief that those living in residential care have nothing to be stressed about. However, this sadly isn’t the case. And due to the ignorance that surrounds it, many residents go left unnoticed. In the Lovett Care group of facilities, we ensure that each and every member of staff is aware and actively looking for signs of stress amongst our residents. We also want to ensure that the families are aware of any signs of stress that their loved ones might be displaying as they may be more noticeable to their close family.

Sudden Changes In Behaviour

Sadly, over time, behaviours do tend to change naturally. This can sometimes be due to health-related issues, such as dementia. It can also be the frustration of not being able to do all the same things as before. However, this can also be a sign of stress.
We look out for individuals who have become more withdrawn and emotional. This includes bouts of irrational rage and irritation. Short term this is monitored as it usually has another explanation. If it continues more than a few days we look at ways we can address any issues and help work with the individual to guide them through this period.

Difficulty Relaxing

We often see when residents are experiencing periods of stress that they also have trouble relaxing. This could be that when we are encouraging them to engage in relaxing activities, such as reading, they are struggling to wind down. They may also be unable to focus on the activity at hand, even when it’s an active one rather than relaxing.

Changes To Eating Habits

In our care facilities, we see a number of changes in eating habits. This can be weather-related, medication-related, or mood-related. If we notice that there are changes in eating habits that are out of the ordinary, we will endeavour to find the root cause. If this is stress-related, we will look into how we can improve this.

Sleeping Difficulty

Many of our residents will have very individual sleeping habits. However, the more time they spend here, the more we begin to understand what is right for them. Typically they will start to sleep better after they have been with us a while and are settled in. We can then start to assess when their sleeping patterns change. And address the underlying cause.

Underlying Cause

When it comes to living in a shared home, there can be a number of underlying reasons as to why someone can become stressed. Such as no longer having their home and garden to themselves. Being unable to nip out when they fancy. Not always feeling in control. And even diet-related. Such as those who weren’t eating the best for their medical situations.
While we can’t always rectify the underlying reason, we can work with the individual to help them come to terms with the situation and thus feel less stressed.

Clinical Help

Unfortunately, sometimes we cannot always help the root cause. This may sometimes need clinical intervention. This can include therapy for the individual, or a consultation with a GP to see if there is any way that they can help ease the stress.
Ideally, we prefer to ease the situation without medical intervention, but sometimes it may be the nicest way for the individual.

If you have any concerns over the stress or welfare of your loved ones, please either contact the homes directly, Charlotte House, Twyford House, Hilton House or Regency Care Centre. Or you can contact the main Lovett Care group who will be happy to assist you.
Remember to head over to our Knowledge Hub if you have any questions or concerns as you will find a range of frequently asked questions and further information.

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