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Posted on: 26.05.2021

Charlotte House Residents Visit The Beach!

Here at Charlotte House, we know how vital it is to keep our residents happy. If that includes a day trip to the beach then Llandudno here we come! And that’s just where we have been!

A Very Special Place

For our resident couple, Beryl and Eric Nolan. Llandudno holds a very special place in their hearts. The seaside resort was a favourite for their family holidays for many years. Heading back year after year to enjoy the stunning Welsh beaches.

As the town holds many fond memories, the couple requested to take a day trip, along with some of the other residents, to bring back those wonderful times.

The team here at Charlotte House hope to make as many dreams as possible come true, and this was one we were happy to get right on board with, especially knowing the joys that it would bring.

Wash Out

Nothing ever goes quite to plan with the unpredictable weather here in the UK! Our day trip turned into a seaside safari thanks to the downpour that engulfed Llandudno for the duration of our visit.

Torrential rains and galeforce winds saw our residents taking refuge on the minibus, with no one quite brave enough to step outside. And we can’t say we blame them either! Who said it would be sunny in May?

Not wanting to miss out, we took the residents for a nice slow drive around the town, taking in the view of the thrashing sea, and the Great Orme (or what we could see of it!).

Make The Most Of It

The residents may not have wanted to get off the minibus in the wind and rain, but when we stopped at a garden centre on the way home, of course, we all had to pop inside for a spot of retail therapy. The residents managed to stretch their legs and have a stroll around the garden centre, before heading to the cafe for a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

Fun For Residents And Staff

While the trip may have been for the residents to enjoy, our activities team surely enjoyed the trip too!

“It was wonderful to be able to take Beryl and Eric to the seaside! Despite the bad weather, we had a lovely time visiting somewhere very close to the couple’s hearts. Lot’s of stories of their previous trips were shared and a great day was had by all!”. Dawn Ellison, Activities Assistant.
We’re sure this won’t be the trip to the beach this year, so watch this space for more great day trip stories!

The team at Charlotte House is dedicated to keeping our residents healthy and happy, both physically and mentally. This includes regular activities around the care home. If you or your loved one are looking for a new place to call home or even just a spot of respite, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team, who will be happy to help you.

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