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Posted on: 15.12.2021

Charlotte House Is In The Christmas Spirit!

We got our residents involved in decorating the home ready for Christmas! Nothing says getting into the festive spirit like being draped in tinsel and covered in glitter!

Our Tree

This year, our tree is a little snowy, and a whole bunch of spirited! Our tree stands proud, filled with a collection of red and silver baubles, and a dash of sparkles and lights.
While a real tree would be a treat, our fake tree allows us to have a full tree, with added snow!
We didn’t stop at just the tree! We’ve put a collection of decorations up around the home, so next time you are here visiting family, make sure you are looking out for the new additions! Don’t forget to see how many reindeer you can name.

Our Residents

For many residents, one of the things they miss most about Christmas is getting the tree and decorations up! So those who wanted to get involved have been able to. Whether that has been wrapping the lights around the tree (and maybe even themselves), positioning the baubles perfectly (we know there are a few who like their tree decorated a certain way).
Others have been happy to sit back and supervise, with a few suggestions shouted out too. We won’t tell you who the trouble makers were.

We may have also supplied them with a hearty helping of port! After all, it is Christmas, and who doesn’t love a drop of port while decorating the Christmas tree!

Christmas At Charlotte House

Here at Charlotte House Bebington, we try to make Christmas just as enjoyable for our residents as they would have had in their own home. From bringing decorations that they like to playing festive games and getting everybody involved.
We like to feel like a family all year round, and there’s nothing better than spending Christmas with your family.

So if you would like to hear more about care homes Wirral, please get in touch with the team today, who will be happy to assist you.

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