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Posted on: 09.08.2021

Book Lovers Day 2021

Throughout our lives, many of us read hundreds of books. Here at Lovett Care, we actively encourage our residents to continue reading after they join us. Whether they need visual aids, audiobooks or even brail, we make sure they have the facilities they need to still enjoy the nations favourite pastime. That’s why this year, we are supporting Book Lovers Day and encouraging every one of our residents to join in too.

Book Lovers Day

Book lovers day is the unofficial holiday that brings casual readers and bibliophiles (book lovers) together for their mutual appreciation of books. Each year, this day is celebrated on the 9th of August and is a great time for everyone to pick up a new book. Away from the care setting, this day is in place to help people take a break from technology and look more at books rather than their phones.

Reading In A Care Setting

In the Lovett Care facilities, we have an abundance of activities every week for our residents to get into. But aside from these they still have plenty of time to crack open a book.
Many of our residents have their friends and family bring regular books to the home for them to read. The residents can then leave them in communal areas for others to pick up and read should they wish.
The sharing of these books is a great talking point for many of our residents. Each one will take something different from a book, so this gets them to discuss how the book made them feel or think and how they interpreted different aspects of the book.

Reading Aids

Unfortunately, part of getting old includes finding certain tasks more difficult. One of these is reading. Over time our eyesight starts to fail us. So when this happens reading can become difficult, but we actively seek ways to make it easier for our residents.
Firstly, as eyesight starts to fail, we make sure that each resident has regular eye tests and any glasses they are using are the most appropriate for them. Sometimes this doesn’t always help, so we can offer them magnifying glasses and book magnifiers to make this easier.
We can also look at audiobooks if our residents would prefer to listen to their books.
Finally, brail is an option for those who have learnt to understand it. Brail books are slightly more difficult to come by, however, for many, they are definitely worth it. So where these are needed, we will endeavour to help our residents get ones that interest them.

Reading Together

We don’t want our residents to feel that we are encouraging them to be alone when we encourage them to read. That’s why we recommend they read in groups. And different residents have taken this in different ways. From creating their own book club, where they all read the same book then discuss it. To taking it in turns to read to the group, we even have some of our staff getting involved! This is also a great way to include those who have difficultly with their sight as the book is read to them.
We even have groups of residents sitting around together, all reading their own books. Sometimes it’s nice to have that bit of company.

So if you are interested in offering some help this Book Lovers Day, please feel free to bring in a collection of books, or reading aids to help our residents make the most of this day, and help them reading into the future.
For more information, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team today who will be happy to assist you.

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